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1st Time at the Baths

1st Time at the Baths
Gay Erotic Fiction

After assuring his best friend that a trip to the baths is an experience he does not want to pass up, Juan has finally convinced his good buddy, Cal, to go with him.  Hesitant at first, Cal quickly loosens up when a man gives the signal that he wants them both. Cal has never had a threesome before, nor has he ever had an audience.  The overwhelming threesome quickly becomes a foursome and the mind blowing experience soon takes over all of Cal’s senses, and he wonders why he has never gone to the baths before.  When two regulars who like it rough want a crack at the new guy, the doorway is soon filled with curious onlookers.  When Juan sees the look of fear on his friend’s face, he almost regrets subjecting him to this particular bath. 

Cal barely heard his friend’s words.  He was looking around at all the gorgeous hunks.  He had not been expecting the men to look this good.  He had always thought that these were places where middle aged men gathered to see if they could get a little action from some unsuspecting twink.  There were two men waiting at the check-in counter in front of Cal and Juan, so they had to wait a few minutes. Cal didn’t mind.  He hardly noticed.  The room was filled from wall to wall with man candy and Cal definitely had a sweet tooth. 


The two men left the room, and Cal and Juan looked at the men who had been standing in the doorway watching.  They smiled at each other.  Cal and Juan invited the two men inside.  It was now Cal’s and Juan’s turn to give the orders.  The two men looked as if they were new in town, and Juan sensed an uneasiness about them.

“Where you from?”

“Around,” one of the men answered.

Juan looked at the two men.  Obviously brothers, maybe twins.  But not all that naïve. 

“I’m Jack, and this is my brother, Jess.” 

The two brothers walked in and closed the door.  “We like it private.” 

Juan looked at Cal, and then he walked over to the door.  “Door stays open.”

“Suit yourself, but we like it rough.” 

1st Time at the Baths is available in the Apple iBookstores.  For the U.S. iBookstore, click on the picture above.

Below are individual links to “1st Time at the Baths” in a few of the iBookstores.  Many more iBookstores have recently been added, and this ebook will be available in all of them very soon. – U.S. – Australia – Canada – Great Britain – Germany – France



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