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Vacationing at a well known resort, Ian overhears men arguing loudly as he passes their room.  Hoping not to be seen, he hurries to his room and locks the door.  But Ian had been seen by a man who is waiting for him just outside his door.  When Ian tries to sneak past him, the man quickly escorts him into his room and demands that Ian accompany him while he conducts his business.  The mysterious man is both intriguing and sexy to Ian, though his means of keeping the young man fearful enough of him to obey his every command is more than a little odd and is strangely erotic.

“You will make certain that the job is completed by tonight or you will regret it,” a man shouted. 

“Yes sir, I won’t let you down, sir,” another man replied rather meekly. 

Ian dropped the ice bucket he was carrying and it accidentally hit the man’s door.  “Shit,” he said, and he hurried back to his room. 

Ian closed the door to his room, but not before the shouting man had caught a glimpse of the back of him as he hurried back inside. 

“Now go,” the man ordered the other man from his room. 

The frightened man hurried off down the hallway.  The man who had seen Ian stood in the hallway for a moment, waiting to see if Ian would come out of his room again.  Ian was leaning against the door of his room almost afraid to breathe.  He didn’t think anyone had seen him.  He hoped no one had seen him.  But the man, Marcus, had seen Ian from the back.


Marcus glared at Ian.  “This is not a game, young Ian.”  Marcus looked Ian up and down yet again.  Then he walked to his closet and sifted through the array of designer suits, as Ian watched from his seat by the window.  As the man placed his hand on his hip, his suit jacket draped behind him just enough to reveal to Ian the .22 Magnum Mini safely tucked in its Holster Grip, just as Marcus had planned.  Marcus pulled a pair of very expensive looking designer pants from his closet and walked over to Ian.  “You will wear these today, young Ian.  Put them on now.” 

Marcus walked back to his closet and began searching for the right suit jacket for Ian.  He turned around and looked at Ian.  The young man looked good in the pants.  Ian’s back was turned to Marcus, and Marcus looked hungrily at the youthful shape of Ian’s butt as the slinky fabric curved over its lusciousness. 

When Ian turned around, Marcus was standing in front of him.  “Very nice, young Ian,” he said, as he stared directly at Ian’s crotch.

Bodyguard is available in the six Apple iBookstores.  For the U.S. iBookstore, click on the picture above.

Below are individual links to “Bodyguard” in the iBookstores, by country: – U.S. – Australia – Canada – Great Britain – Germany – France




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