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Champagne Wishes

Champagne Wishes
Romantic Fiction

Anderson and his lover have been meeting every weekend for as long as the two of them can remember.  During the week, each of them lives with a significant other in what they refer to as the real world, a world which seemed to have chosen them, or perhaps they did choose these real world lives long ago, not knowing the reality of their choosing.  During the week, Anderson and his lover each play the part which is expected of him, but the weekends are theirs and theirs alone.  Every weekend, their time together is fleeting, and the promise of a life together is, as of yet, unspoken. 

The two lovers placed their arms around each other, each leaning on the other, and walked slowly to Anderson’s bedroom where they would share all that they had with each other.  Anderson poured the champagne for both himself and Sebastian. 

“It is delicious,” Sebastian said, just as he said every Saturday night. 

“How was your week?”Anderson asked. 

“It was good, long, busy,” Sebastian answered. 

“And Masur?” 

“Masur is well.  He is visiting his mother and his sister for the weekend.” 

“And your better half?” Sebastian asked, with a wink. 

Anderson looked down into his glass of champagne.  “Raymond is the same, always the same.” 

Sebastian and Anderson both knew that Masur was not visiting his mother and sister for the weekend.  Masur and Sebastian had an understanding.  What they did every Saturday night was never spoken of.  Anderson had been with his partner, Raymond, for a number of years, but their situation was very different from that of Sebastian and his lover.  Raymond thought of Anderson as his trophy, and when Anderson was with Raymond that was the part that he played.  And so it was that every Saturday night Sebastian and Anderson had each other.  On Sunday, the two lovers returned to what they referred to as their “real” lives.  They would not think about that tonight.  Tonight belonged to the two of them, and only the two of them. 

“Come to my bed, Sebastian, and hold me.” 

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