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A Country Adventure

A Country Adventure
Erotic Romance

When Gary and Gordy receive a generous offer to teach two young cardiology interns, they eagerly accept.  Neither has been to the Midwest, and the picturesque town is a perfect replication of its Holland home, teeming with tulips and windmills.  After making themselves comfortable in the cozy cottage built by the original Dutch settler of the small town, Gary and Gordy soon begin to notice a few very unsettling oddities about the dwelling. 


Gary’s face lit up at the thought of another adventure.  “Where is it, Gordy?” 

“Just says small Midwestern town.  Please call for directions.” 

“You think it’s for real, Gordy?” 

Gordy turned the sheet of paper over a few times.  “Has to be, Gary.  The senior members of our very prestigious department lack the sense of humor required to pull off a stunt like this.  Let’s make the call.” 


After a quick night of packing and a few hours of sleep, the daring duo of doctors was boarding a plane for a few days of teaching and a few nights in somewhat questionable accommodations. 

“Ahh, the country, Gary.  Is there anything like it?” 

The two young doctors breathed deeply, filling their lungs with the fresh country air.  The taxi driver had dropped them off at the park, but had then quickly driven away. 

“What was his problem?” 

“Couldn’t say, Gary, old boy.  Perhaps the man is allergic to flowers and fresh air.” 


The shadow on the wall was the perfect likeness to the picture of the widow that was on the wall of the bedroom. 

“Damn, Gary.  Let’s look outside.” 

“No way, my friend.  I’m not that crazy.” 

Gordy was out of the bed and jumping into his jeans before Gary could stop him. 

A Country Adventure is now available in the six (6) Apple iBookstores.  For the U.S. link, click on the picture above.

Below are individual links to “A Country Adventure” in the Apple iBookstores, by country: – U.S. – Australia – Canada – Great Britain – Germany – France


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