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Selena’s First Professor

Selena's First Professor

Contemporary male/female erotica

Selena is new to college, though she is a little older than the traditional college freshman.  Selena is beautiful and sensuous, and receives a great deal of attention from the young men in her class.  The young men in her class are not the only admirers of Selena, however.  When the course becomes difficult, Selena seeks assistance from the one man who can best offer her what she needs. 

Professor Kurt thought Selena was stunning.  He had stopped what he was doing that very first day of class, mesmerized by Selena’s beauty.  Her beauty was far beyond that of most women, with her shoulder length, dark hair, and the stylish black or navy blue business attire that she always wore. 

During exams and quizzes, Professor Kurt would walk around the room, keeping his eye on Selena as much as possible, wondering about her, and, yes, lusting after her.  Selena was no shorter than five feet nine, in low heels, thin and a little bit athletic looking, with perfectly sized breasts, perfect for Professor Kurt, that is.  She had long, gorgeous legs, and when she wore a dress Professor Kurt wanted her even more.  He wondered if she was the type of woman who splurged on sexy, expensive lingerie to wear underneath her designer dresses and suits.  He certainly fantasized about her in lacy lingerie, satin lingerie, and every other kind of lingerie he could think of. 


Professor Kurt had not been expecting a visit from Selena when she knocked on the door of his office.  He had doubted that he would ever see her again, though he wanted to see her again badly.  He immediately looked up at her. 

Selena’s First Professor is now available in the six (6) Apple iBookstores.  For the U.S. Link, click on the picture above.

Below are the individual links to “Selena’s First Professor” in the Apple iBookstores, by country: – U.S. – Australia – Canada – Great Britain (UK) – Germany – France


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