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Party Favor

Party Favor

Erotic Party Story

The young man behind the counter smiles at Greg as he pays for his books.  Once inside his car, Greg looks at the bookmark that had been placed none too subtly by the young man.  The card read: “BYEM Party Friday night”, with the address to a house in the hills.  Greg turns to find the young man smiling and waving at him.  It has been a long time since Greg has been to one of those parties, the kind where an eager young man is “properly” introduced, and he wonders if this young man has any idea what lies ahead.  Word gets around, but these parties are beyond the wildest imagination.

Party Favor is now available in the six (6) Apple iBookstores.  For the U.S. link, click on the picture above.

Following are the individual links to Party Favor in the Apple iBookstores, by country: – U.S. – Australia – Canada – Great Britain (UK) – Germany – France


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